Rob Steiner

Software Engineer

Ludum Dare 41

These game jams keep trickling in and I can’t get enough. Last weekend was the global Ludum Dare game jam. The 41st game jam! Like most other jams, ..

Winter UE4 Jam

Finally, the stars aligned and the wizards of time spared me… I finally participated in my first ever UE4 Jam! Stepping away from my side projects a..

San Francisco

This isn’t my first time to San Francisco, but this will be my first time typing up a little blog post about it! What an awesome place is all I real..

Computer Build 2018

Finally, time to upgrade! Lay my old computer to rest and birth new life. RIP Old Comp 2013-2018. Hello new computer! That’s a white on black on wh..


Had a little bit of time this weekend, so I set out on making a small gift for my girlfriend! A pair of awesome Walker Art Center Earrings. Around ..

Hotel Models

A huuuuge model dump is here! Lately your boy has been spending plenty of time in Blender working on models for an upcoming (“upcoming”) game. A sma..

Cleveland Medical Hackathon

Holy smokes… These hackathons are just one after another lately! This particular hackathon was my first time participating and it was freaking awes..

BIG CodeJam 2017

Getting lucky with all these CodeJams in the Cleveland area! Another one just rolled in and this was about Smart Home devices. They had a bunch of d..