Car Audio Upgrade

Rob Steiner 2015-01-18
Car Audio Upgrade

One of my first wood work projects and most likely one of the largest projects overall that my father and I took upon ourselves. This is the Kia Soul 2014 Car Audio Overhaul!!

That’s right! That is a 18” subwoofer in the trunk of a hamster car… That is a proud son and father right there too. Not only is there a huge freaking subwoofer in my trunk, the rest of the car was touched, altered, upgraded to a pristine audio solution.


This is going to be a huge list… Here we go. First, note that all of my audio gear is from SoundQubed except for my headunit.

  • Subwoofer: HDC3.118 Copper Coil Subwoofer
  • Mids: QP-MR6.5
  • Tweeters: QP-TH25 “SuperTweeter”
  • 4-Channel Amp: Q4-90
  • Monoblock Amp: Q1-2200D
  • Headunit: Pioneer DEH-P980BT - Premier™

Second, the wood supplies are very important! Going to need plenty of things to avoid the many trips to the hardware store…

  • Birch Ply Wood
  • Wood Nails
  • Wood Glue
  • Silicone
  • Metal Brace

Third, a bunch of miscellaneous stuff to bring it all together.

  • Lots of 0 Gauge Welding Cable
  • Lots of 0 Gauge Loop Terminals
  • 0 Gauge Fuses boxes with fuses
  • Sound Deadner Car Kit
  • Aero Ports
  • RCA Cables
  • Bass Knobs
  • Plastic Unclipping Tools

Don’t forget one thing!


I’m going to summarize most of this, because this was a whole week of dedicated days working. Instead of celebrating Christmas break with videos games and relaxation, I convinced my father to work full time with me on building a crazy stereo system…

Taking a look at the doors first, we were way in over our heads… Popping the panels off was easy enough, but what was underneath was only pain.

A massive plastic shielding that protected the entirety of the door. Not much of a big deal if you’re only replacing the speaker… But we were deading the doors too! Thus, you must remove the door handle, the window, and then the plastic shield to get to the sheet metal of the car.

Then, after some miscalculation on my part… We decided to dremel the doors to fit the new tweeters! The original tweeters were very misleading in size… Thus, the new ones did not fit in the original location. I mean, there was a huuuge difference in size.

Luckily my father is a professional dremel tool user. Check out that perfectly fitted tweeter.

I guess the next thing up was wiring the speakers and amplifiers. This was also another point where my father and I were way in over our heads… I mean the passenger seat was removed.

And replaced…

Safety first, wear your seat belt! Just kidding though, we didn’t replace my seat… But, we pulled out more seats because we wanted the perfect wiring.

Actually, the only seat that wasn’t removed was the driver’s seat. We had access to all the carpet we needed! Ran all of the wires under the carpet to the trunk, to the door speakers, and to the bass knobs.

Annnnd, MAGIC SMOKE! Finished wiring.

Now that I’m looking at that picture, I forgot to mention we deadened a bit more than just my doors… We did the trunk and most of the walls of the car. Example,

Put it everywhere! Made a huge difference. Incredible difference. I didn’t think it was really going to do anything… Blew my mind.

Wiring done. Deadening done. A quick finishing touch before the building of the massive wooden box. The bass knobs! Very aesthetic piece, I loved it. Mounted these bad boys right in my center glove box. I have immediate and complete control of the door speakers and subwoofer. Just a twist of the knob.

Now onto the final part. The box with the subwoofer. It was huge. All of it was huge. Goodbye trunk…

Hello metal bracings, thick birch wood, and an 18” inch hole.

The box is big enough that I am certain I could crawl into it and hide… If ever needed. Huge.

Anyways, add some aero ports and a speaker then you call it complete!!

By the way… We put everything back together, and all of my friends lose their minds when they hear it. Fire.