LotR Table

Rob Steiner 2016-05-30
LotR Table

After my car audio system overhaul, I had a few pieces of scrap wood laying around. This resulted in two projects, one of them being my Lord of the Rings (LotR) table! With a huge cut out for my 18” subwoofer, few planks from straight cuts, and twisting my father’s arm, we were able to make a unique tiny table!


Other than the typical wood supplies, not much going on here after.

  • Carbon Transfer Paper
  • Normal Paper
  • Soldering Iron
  • Wood Stain
  • Small L-Braces


The process we followed for this table isn’t really difficult. With enough patience and tools, I believe anybody could pull this off. First I taped carbon transfer paper to my table top, then taped a printout of the LotR map to the transfer paper.

After the above preparation, I traced the map on the paper with a pencil. Putting enough pressure to make sure the carbon paper transfered to the wood. Resulting in a pretty nice map transfer to my wood table top!

Next up, the test of patience. I bring my soldering iron to play and start to trace the carbon transfer on the wood. Not only is this a long process, my hand was starting to cramp halfway through… Dealt with it, still finished in one sitting.



With the table top completed, only thing remaining was putting things together and staining it. Being a novice carpenter, my dad lended his garage and insight. We didn’t get crazy with the cuts. Did a quick jig to make sure each leg was cut at the exact length with the same angle. Did some pilot drills and attached the L-Braces.

After attaching the L-braces we noticed there is a bit of a wobble… THEN, the fabulous idea of tiny cubby came to light. With some extra scrap wood laying around in my dad’s garage, we smacked together a brace cubby combo!

Now the table was very sturdy! No wiggle at all. Now we used our handy paint brush and started applying the stain.

After all said and done, we applied about four coats of stain.
Voila! Let it all dry, and now a finished table for setting my morning cup of joe on!