Tribe Hackathon

Rob Steiner 2016-06-01
Tribe Hackathon

Another Hackathon is here, but this one will be a bit different for me. The Tribe Hackathon is a sponsored event by Progressive Insurance at the Progressive Field in Cleveland. The hackathon was all about baseball and developing ideas that could boost the fan experience. The difference for me with this hackathon is that I’m not participating… I’m organizing!

As a team member helping organize, I was tasked with some stuff a little outside my developer mindset. Introducing people, showing people around, and helping setup/teardown. But, I was hands-on with plenty of the teams helping with their technical problems! A delightful surprise as I got to wear multiple developer hats while helping with a variety of projects.

My favorite project I aided was the race simulator between the hotdog, mustard, and ketchup. With every baseball game comes this race at halftime, but the idea was to capture the race inside an app. A user opens the app, chooses a team, waits for the signal, then violently shakes their phone! Yes, that’s right, the more you shake your phone the farther your team would run. The race would be live on the Jumbotron… Who can shake it the most?

The coolest technology used in a project, and the winner of the hackathon, was an app that utilized Augmented Reality tech for providing information. Open the app, aim the phone camera at the field, and the screen will display information about players your aiming at! Pretty freaking neat. Imagine all the information that could be displayed through an app like this.

Overall, the Tribe Hackathon was pretty cool. Plenty of awesome ideas and some really funny ones too. The event was well organized and was offered at a very unique venue. I hope Progressive Insurance can pull off another hackathon soon.