Cutting Board

Rob Steiner 2016-12-24
Cutting Board

That time of the year again where I try to come up with personal gifts to give someone. In particular, my girlfriend! Landed on a solid idea for this year… A Cutting Board! We actually don’t have one, but my roomie does. We will be parting ways with our roomie soon, so I figured I’ll make us a cute board for the future that I’m sure she’ll love.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get many photos for this post… But I still wanted to share because it turned out great. Still a little shocked…


  • Two types of tight grain wood
  • Food Safe Stain
  • Food Safe Wax
  • Rubber Feet
  • Dremel Tool


Prepare for wall of text…

First thing first… Think of a pattern! I didn’t want to make cuts till I was certain what I was aiming for. Once I had the pattern in mind, I took my two types of wood and cut them up into varying sizes.

Once I finished all the cutting, I found a flat surface and laid out the pieces creating my desired pattern. Once it looks good, I grabbed the wood glue. And it got messy quick…

Like a ninja, I flipped my pieces around, put glue on them, flipped them back up, and pressed them against the other pieces… Rinse and repeat till all pieces are glued. Now, I needed pressure to hold it all together!

Yep, this actually worked. Using a few clamps with some scrap wood, I applied enough pressure and the glue took hold. This bad boy was covered in glue… So much sanding. So much cleanup.

After removing most the glue residue via sanding, I was actually impressed with how this was turning out! I was certain I put to much glue on and this glue wasn’t coming off… I’m not eating glue.

Whip out my Dremel tool and added a small divot around the perimeter of the board. Hopefully this will catch any running fluids. Then, applied little rubber feet on the bottom so this bad boy doesn’t try and run away during cutting.

Voila! Add some stain and wax, this board popped! It was night and day. Turned out awesome. Girlfriend loved it.