Video Render of my Room

Rob Steiner 2017-05-11
Video Render of my Room

First ever Unreal blog post of my first ever Unreal project! How exciting is this?! Below is information about my first ever project in Unreal. I’ve been following a Udemy tutorial and creating my models in Blender. Slamming it all together and creating this beautiful master piece flythrough video of my room!

My primary focus for this project was learning about lighting, lightmasses, some material basics, and the sequencer. I’ll go in depth a bit about each below.


Most the materials I used for this project were pretty basic or provided by the engine. The highly detailed wood material found on the dressers and shelves was provided by Unreal. Everything else was made for this project. Luckily, most of the walls in my room are the same design with different colors!

Pretty much took the colors of my walls and applied a real bumpy random normal map to get that dry wall texture. Also applying a high roughness to dampen light reflections because the paint is pretty flat.

My room has these god awful wood plank walls that surround the whole room. I cpatured the color of these walls, applied a plank normal map, and rotated the normal so they run vertically.

Simple enough! That pretty much captures all the materials I sued that were at least a little complex.


Wow! That’s all I have to say about Unreal Engine lighting. Once I started adding lights and rendering my shadows, I got so hyped about how everything was staring to look. For the scene I decided not to turn on the lamps, but only the overhead lights that dangle from the ceiling.

Once I sorted out my interior lights, I decided I wanted a morning-ish look to the scene. As if the sun was just rising and greeting the world with it’s pinkish amber glow. I tinkered with the sun’s directional light, positioned to shoot through the windows, casting a lovely pinkish light across the floor.

Now I added the lightmass to give the lighting that final umph! Adding a few effects like bloom and ambient occlusion really brought the scene to nice look and feel.


A very handy tool for showcasing your creations or making a movie inside Unreal Engine is the Sequencer! I would situate my camera at points in the room, then create breaks in my sequencer flow. My camera would automatically flow between each point in the flow and create that lovely video.


If you’re interested in the Blender models, I posted them all over at my Blender Blog: Blender Blog

That pretty much covers the project. Stay posted for more!