Rob Steiner 2017-05-20

I have finally landed myself a table saw and feel ready to take on some bigger projects! Bigger as in size. Like a 4’x2’ desk! Luckily, my girlfriend needs a new desk so now I have a purpose…

With some tips and tricks from online sources, I found a clever way to make a table with a elegant trim!


  • Wall Trim
  • L-Braces
  • Legs
  • Any flat wood for a top


This table is pretty straight forward and can be built in a day. Apply some paint, let it dry, and you’ll have it ready for use by a week.

First thing first, make the cuts! Made all of my cuts at once with very precise measurements. Check out them 45s.

With the cuts made, I grabbed the wood glue and L-Braces. Took a few times to get the 45s to align perfectly, but I managed after some tinkering. The L-Brace held it together tightly.

Rinse and repeat. Next thing you know your wall trim is now a beautiful siding for your table!!

With the trim all built, I flipped it over on a flat surface and dropped in my table top. Very snug fit… Once I felt certain it was lying flat, I proceeded with more L-Braces.

Ended up not being perfectly flat… Gotta cut my losses on that one. Sanding would have taken years with the tools I have. It’s not too bad.

So now onto the legs! I gave them a nice coat of white spray paint before attaching them to the table. Get it out of the way without risk of messing up my table top.

Flip it over… Boom! I have a real table now. It is pretty crazy, but I wish I chose slightly larger legs. They were expensive though…

Now I grabbed my paint brush and paint can. Begin the slight lathering of paint. I did three coats. Over three days. I got busy, don’t judge me…

Voila! All done.