Models of Stuff in my Room

Rob Steiner 2017-05-26
Models of Stuff in my Room

First ever Blender blog post of my first ever models! How exciting is this?! Below are my first ever Blender models used for an Unreal Engine scene of my room. These things are are very similar to exactly what’s in my room. Some complexities might have been removed for the sake of modeling… Still learning! Also, there are plenty of things in my room that I did not model. I lost interest after a while, because most of these are very simplistic models. Might have taken me plenty of time, but with practice these models are doable in <10 minutes. I wrapped up early, so I could get on learning more complex techniques.


First model ever! A huge cube, with a couple hinges and a handle attached to it.


Used for my television and monitors on my computer desk… Close enough.

Small Dresser

I put a little more detail into this cube. Added some depth for the ledges and handles.


Legs, cup holders, and mirrored! First time using the mirror feature in Blender. Designed one side, and mirrored the other.

End Table



I spent some time on detailing the trim for this model. A plain table was pretty lame looking.


That highly detailed door knob…


One of the more challenging models, especially for how small it is in the scene.


The largest model so far! Making the perfect spheres and donuts caused this file to hit 140megs…

I designed a trash can for my room too, but it’s legit just a cylinder… I’m not taking a picture of it for this blog post.

Take a look at the models in action over at my Unreal Engine blog: Unreal Blog