Spring Awakening 2017

Rob Steiner 2017-06-13
Spring Awakening 2017

Off to Chicago, Illinois for a weekend of EDM music! This time it is Spring Awakening Music Festival that brings me.

One of the cities many EDM festivals that happens yearly that brings in crowds from all over the surrounding area. A few friends who live nearby Chicago shot us an invite and place to stay if wanted to join! Unfortunately one of my best buddies had to dip the last moment before the trip, but I still drove up and met them in Chicago. About the third time I’ve been to Chicago and I’m still not fond of the place…

The city’s traffic is absolutely horrendous. We actually hopped off the highway, parked the car on some random street, and hopped the metro into the city because Google Maps expected over a two hour delay!! We pretty much would have missed a good chunk of the festival’s first day. Anyways, it is what it is, I’m never living there.

Luckily, the music festival was awesome! Spring Awakening really came through with the artists and they came through with great sets. I wish Chicago didn’t have a sound ordinance at 10PM, but one can wish to dance all night. My only big complaint about the actual festival (not the city) was the lack of water stations… I waited almost an hour for water one time, I thought I was a dead man of hydration at high noon. Other than that, the festival was really good.

“What was the best set?” is the most common question after a festival and usually I can’t answer this… THIS TIME I CAN! Hands down the best set was SNAILS in the Bass Kitchen. His atrocious vomit step sounds had everyone in the tent vibing hard. People were really moving and throwing down, especially because SNAILS was instigating a mosh pit. I never sweat so much in my life, but I made sure to have a full CamelBak before heading in, I had a feeling I would need it.

Overall, most of the sets were really good. Seeing Marshmellow, Diplo, Galantis, Mija and Kill The Noise for the first time was delightful. Exactly the type of crowds I expected to see at each and music went perfect. I’ll certainly be waiting for next year’s lineup and possibly venturing to Chicago again.