Firefly 2017

Rob Steiner 2017-06-20
Firefly 2017

Off to Dover, Delaware for a nice long relaxing camping trip with a few buddies. Nice as in scorching heat, night time rainfall, and occasional gusts of wind. Long as in just four days. Relaxing as in non-stop dancing from noon till 2AM every day. Few buddies as in like 25. I guess I should scratch that first sentence…

I’m talking about Firefly 2017! The place to be for one of the best east coast festivals of our time. This year was pretty spectacular because we decided camping was best, I’m celebrating one year since I met the lady friend at last year’s Firefly, and the lineup was lit! We’re talking Twenty One Pilots, Dillon Francis, Galantis, Slushii, and The Weeknd! AND MORE!

One of my favorite parts about this year’s Firefly experience was camping. At first I thought it was going to suck… Being super-hot, possibly very rainy, and extremely uncomfortable while sleeping. Luckily, it was none of those things. It was only hot during the day, but at night I was comfy underneath my blanket. It ended up raining one night, but our tent held up very well. No leaks! Top it all off, it ended up being pretty comfortable because I brought an air mattress. Super cozy.

As expected at a music festival there was plenty of drinks and fun games with friends, but the whole point of a music festival is MUSIC! None of the sets really left me in disappointment, I was vibing the whole time with the music. There are two moments that really stand out during the festival that I can break down to best performance and best music.

Best performance was easily Twenty One Pilots. They are absolutely insane. The music was fantastic, but the energy they brought to the stage was unmatched. They hopped into huge plastic balls and ran across the crowd, they did a drum solo on top the crowd, climbed one of the speaker racks to sing from the top of, and overall gave a theatrical performance with amazing sets. I already liked their music, but found a new respect for them.

When it comes to best music, or at least music that got me vibing the most, it was hands down new DJ Slushii! The high energy music had me jumping, dancing, and throwing down for a solid hour and a half. Burned all my calories from beer consumption over four days in one show… Not really, but sure felt like it. Not a single mishap in his set and dropped some solid hits.

Overall the Firefly experience was very solid. Two years in a row and both times have only impressed me. The crew there has everything down and figured out. No problems at all with the Firefly staff or event. Certainly looking forward to year number three!