Electric Zoo 2017

Rob Steiner 2017-09-05
Electric Zoo 2017

Hitting the road for New York City!! I’ve been once before, but I don’t remember the trip from 10+ years ago… Extremely pumped for this awesome adventure, but let’s not forget the awful nine-hour road trip to get there! At least upon arrival, my girlfriend and I will be dancing away the whole night at ELECTRIC ZOO!

That’s right, one more festival for the books of 2017. It’s been a loooong year, but it’s freaking awesome. Electric Zoo is an Electronic Music festival on Randall’s Island. This year brought in some of the best producers right now AND was a rain or shine event. Rain or shine, mostly rain. Saturday and Sunday were dancing in the rain, and mud. It was still awesome, a little cold, but I did toss my shoes and socks after the festival…

Best performance, as I expected, was certainly Dada Life. They bring all the toys, high energy music, and awesome crowd all together under one tent. Everyone knows there classic “Kick Out the Epic MotherF*ker”. Everybody was singing along and dancing hard. Then, the bananas came out… And a huge monkey looking creature… It was wild.

Surprisingly the music that made me vibe the most, made me dance with the most energy, was DJ Snake. I went into his performance with low expectations, I really thought it wasn’t going to be super great. All cliché music, but that wasn’t true. He delivered a wide variety of hits with some incredible progression between songs. There wasn’t a point of low energy at all. Plus, tons of fire and fireworks! Cherry on top!

Overall, the Electric Zoo experience was pretty good! Music was lit, people were awesome, venue was good, but the rain really hampered full enjoyment. After a while, dancing in wet muddy shoes is not that enjoyable… Looking pass the rain, I’d do it again for sure. If it was going to rain, I’d bring two pairs for rain boots and tons of ponchos. Preparation!