Big Nerd Ranch

Rob Steiner 2017-09-13
Big Nerd Ranch

With a new position comes new responsibilities, and if you don’t how to complete these new responsibilities… Well, that’s when you get training! I’ve decided it was time to switch up my skill set and pursue a mobile development position with my company. A native mobile application developer! Keyword being Native, which I have no experience…. Luckily, my company sent me back to school.

My new school was called, Big Nerd Ranch. Pretty crazy name, but it’s exactly what you’re thinking. A bunch of computer nerds at a remote resort slamming out code for days on end. Seven days exactly. Seven days of Swift.

The Big Nerd Ranch does a fine job at making sure students focus and learn. Replacing your typical environment with a hideaway in the mountains. Zero distractions, but plenty of relaxing activities (hot tub, need I say more?) after a day’s hard learning. If your brain is still kicking after 9 to 7 programming, then swing by the lab to go above and beyond.

Typical training days at the ranch were about 12 hours of programming coupled with some time for lunch, breakfast, and small walks. Food was amazing, and training material was heavy! Seriously, there was a lot. Blew through roughly 30 chapters at about 500 pages in total of material. Guidance from the instructor was superb and good at keeping us all sane.

Accommodations were absolutely stellar! With a typical experience, I imagine the stay at the resort is very relaxing and well taken care of. Unfortunately, I went to training promptly before a hurricane… Cya hotel. Power was lost and our group was evacuated to another hotel. No biggie, all of this was pretty smooth and handled by Big Nerd Ranch.

Overall, the class, accommodations, and overall experience was certainly worth it! If given the chance to take the Advanced iOS Swift class, I’d do it! I’d recommend the course to family, friends, and future co-workers. I’m looking forward to applying the knowledge I’ve learned!