Rob Steiner 2017-10-10

It’s time to dance on tables, time to sing belligerently, time to drink till sunrise, time to struggle hiking to the top of the world, and time to relaxingly sightsee… Wow that was intense. Time for Germany! Munich! Oktoberfest! Alps!

Our flight landed my girlfriend and I right in Munich! We hopped a train for twenty minutes right into the action. No time for rest, but even if we wanted to rest… No. We were camping at an Oktoberfest campground. It was intense. A little cold, and wet too. Combine that with my drinking, probably why I got a sinus infection… Anyways.

Oktoberfest is huge! Absolutely massive and packed. We didn’t make reservations for a table, like most native Germans do, thus getting into tents was difficult. We got into the “free tourist” areas easily as seen above. Typically separated from the big crowd, not nearly as much action, but at least you got served beer! Must be seated to get beer at Oktoberfest…

Once we made some German friends, then we got into the main area for some action! We sat with an aero engineer company, drank some beer, stood on the chairs, sang, and danced! Was amazing. The energy was very positive. The Germans, for the most part, were very very nice. Some of them were very distraught about our president and interrogated us about it… Whatever. Had to tell them majority of Americans are not idiots…

After all the crazy festivities at the festival, we got ourselves a car and went country side! Side note, I wish I tried harder for a compact car… Driving around a huge freaking Land Rover was challenging. Anyways, talk about awesome castles! There are some mesmerizing castles in Germany. About two hours outside Munich the beauty above is nestled away in the woods on top a mountain. No photos allowed inside the castle, but trust me it was amazing.

If drinking a ton and getting myself sick wasn’t bad enough, we decided to climb a freaking mountain to see this rock on top… Don’t get me wrong, the rock has a peculiar shape, but the view from atop was what took my breathe away. I felt aligned with the tops of snow peaked mountains. I swear I could see from one end of Germany to another. High enough up my ears popped multiple times on the way own… Like, what.

I still can’t get over all the beautiful photos I caught from hiking around the alps. Everything was beautiful. I felt like I was walking in a Bob Ross painting the entire time I was in Germany. Beautiful trees, mountains, rivers, lakes, everything. Stunning.

Back into town, well wait… This church wasn’t in Munich! We made a quick stop in Austria. Salzburg! The city of Salzburg is so beautiful. Not to mention Mozart was born and raised there, legit. The churches all over were massive, delicate, and breathtaking. The paintings, statues, and architecture is unlike anything I’ve seen.

Most of the buildings in Salzburg were really impressive. Plus, they had beautiful fountains all around and huge art pieces too. One thing that made be a bit uneasy though was the heavy presence of cops hanging around. In the above photo, I captured about half the cop cars in that area, but there were plenty more just outside the picture… Made me a bit worried, but everything went smooth.

Like I mentioned earlier, Salzburg is home of Mozart! Would only make sense to catch a very small and intimate musical performance! A violinist, pianist, cellist, and an opera singer… The crowd size was about 50 people. Very small, very intimate. I quickly snuck a picture, I didn’t want to be a weirdo. This performance was taking place in the same place Mozart would perform too! Pretty sweet.

Anyways, back to Munich! Just some more drinking. Repeat what I talked about earlier… Then, it was time for the flight home. We did land in Amsterdam and went out for the night. Saw some crazy stuff. And was very dank. As I anticipated… Only one night there, but I certainly want to go back. Oh, also a huge kitty in the Amsterdam airport!

What an amazing time! Had a blast with my girlfriend and the new friends we made while visiting. Will certainly be looking forward to going to another Oktoberfest. Really can’t find anything like it. Especially if you want to wear some Lederhosens and Dirndls!