BIG CodeJam 2017

Rob Steiner 2017-10-18
BIG CodeJam 2017

Getting lucky with all these CodeJams in the Cleveland area! Another one just rolled in and this was about Smart Home devices. They had a bunch of demo devices that participants could grab ahold of, so we went with Samsung Smart Things!

For those who don’t know what the SmartThings HUB is… Well, imagine all your smart devices under one roof. That’s right! All those brands of smart devices, all the different types, no longer matter. They are aggregated all under the SmartThings HUB with full control from one app on your phone.

Our team name was just as straight forward as our idea… If you had a HUB with all devices connected to it reachable from the network, you’d mine the crap out of it for data! That’s right, the SmartThings HUB has an API. Our implementation was a Groovy App that ran on the SmartThings HUB and an API that can be hosted to communicate with that Groovy App. Essentially allowing us to mine data right off the devices connected to the HUB. List of devices, statuses, and events were all reachable.

Of course though, why have just a Groovy App and API? We needed a demo application, but why stop there? Why not a framework? okay okay. I whipped up a Cocoapod that communicated with the API. My buddy whipped up the demo app, then imported the Cocoapod… Voila! Working demo.

Check it out on GitHub!