Cleveland Medical Hackathon

Rob Steiner 2017-10-22
Cleveland Medical Hackathon

Holy smokes… These hackathons are just one after another lately! This particular hackathon was my first time participating and it was freaking awesome! Cleveland Medical Hackathon was all about generating ideas and prototypes that would solve problems in the medical community. That’s pretty broad… That is lots of room for awesome ideas and crazy innovation.

What better way to inspire innovation than being at ground zero in the Cleveland area. The Global Center for Health Innovation! A solid four floors of crazy technology, companies, and people all bringing their ideas and powerful skills to the Cleveland area. One of my favorite venues thus far for hacking. Especially for 24 hours…

There were 22 teams this year with ideas from health apps, to new wearable wristbands, and even ideas to eliminate the dangers of parking your car! It was a very diverse group of presentations with so much technology being incorporated. Leading us to my team’s idea, XCast Predictive! Our idea is to use predictive analytic to identify key risk factors that address the opioid crisis.

Petty straightforward approach. We’ll design a mobile application that collects all the necessary information from the patient, then sends all that information off to AWS, which then performs predictive analysis to see if the patient is at high risk in the opioid crisis. Well what if they are at high risk? Well, this mobile application is actually traveling with a “mobile” nurse. These types of nurses are qualified to diagnose people for conditions while abroad (at the local mall, or grocery store, etc). If the patient is at high risk, the nurse could engage further with the patient, and possibly save a life before it’s to late.

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In our 24 hours, we put together a real solid presentation and awesome prototype. The above video is a presentation of the process on the mobile application. Crazy… But this is actually swiping someones ID card, sending to the AWS back-end, and finally producing the risk factor for the nurse. It was working… 24 hours… No sleep. That most likely answers your questions.

All in all, I will certainly be at next years hackathon! The experience was absolutely amazing, the venue was top notch, and the people were all incredible. Our team didn’t win this competition, but I was so proud of the winning teams. They produced some life changing technology and I hope they carry on with it to fruition.