Hotel Models

Rob Steiner 2017-12-11
Hotel Models

A huuuuge model dump is here! Lately your boy has been spending plenty of time in Blender working on models for an upcoming (“upcoming”) game. A small hint… First level takes places in a hotel type map! This gives way to a solid variety of models with easy copy/paste because we know hotel rooms are all the same.

But first let’s talk some tips to get models into Unreal Engine 4 from Blender.


A really awesome thing I discovered while making models this go around is the ability to apply different materials to different faces in Blender. In Edit mode you can highlight faces, hit the desired material, then hit apply. This will let you directly map to the material in Unreal Engine!

Once finished with my model and have everything in place, I immediately get to the UVs. Always do two. And I drop the quick Smart UV Wrap with 1 margin. This will get rid of the pesky overlapping UV warning in Unreal Engine.

Now I’m ready to export my finished model with materials and UVs. Now another problem you’ll get when importing to Unreal Engine from Blender is smoothing warnings. You get some really annoying warnings… Well, it’s all fixed with the Smoothing drop-down in Geometries. Check Face, bam. A fresh Blender import with zero errors and warnings into Unreal Engine.


Let’s talk furniture… Never mind.

Honestly though there is a lot of furniture in hotels. Gotta think about beds, chairs, desks, lamps, and some dressers. Also for the sake of variety, you gotta make a few of each of these things.

I guess one thing hard to miss is the particular art style. A very “low-polly” approach, mostly because it’s easy for me to do with my limited Blender skills! My thoughts are, if you can tell what it is, even if it looks like crap, I’m still doing my job.


I actually forgot about the bathroom till I started designing the room in Unreal Engine… Like, wait where is my player going to relieve himself?! Thus, bathroom furniture.


Plants are so awesome. Mostly because I feel as if you can portray so much for so little. They look so cute and they’re quick additions to give life to a scene.


What else gives life to a scene? Some clutter. Objects that just add an additional layer to the scene. You always find a bible in the hotel room, a television, and alarm clock! That’s right… That legit rectangle is an alarm clock.

Finally, a quick preview of it all in Unreal Engine!