Rob Steiner 2018-01-06

Had a little bit of time this weekend, so I set out on making a small gift for my girlfriend! A pair of awesome Walker Art Center Earrings.

Around Christmas we went back to Minneapolis to visit family. Of course, while we were there we did some touring around the city… One of the places we went being The Walker Art Center! Something real cool about the art center is their tickets are metal clips. Not flimsy tearaway tickets, but actual metal! Now I had these tickets, then the idea came to life.


  • Walker Art Center Tickets (x2)
  • Ornament Hooks
  • Pliers
  • Pencil


Another pretty straight forward process for these art center earrings. Simply drill a hole in the ticket, run the ornament hook through the hole, and bend into a proper earring loop. Voila! Well, if I had a second chance I’d do a few things differently so…

Right off the bat, I regret drilling from the painted side towards the unpainted side. I didn’t put much thought into it at the time, but it makes sense that it tore off all the red paint while drilling and left an ugly burn mark… Luckily, once the loops were added they sort of hid the burn marks a bit.

As I was attempting to bend the metal into a nice loop I kept having problems getting a “good” looking loop. If you think the final product looks a little choppy, well it could have been worse! After getting frustrated with how it looked, I grabbed a pencil to help. Wrapping the metal around the pencil helped get a nice rounded loop.

Other than these couple of things, the idea and delivery is pretty straight forward! An awesome unique gift that she certainly loved :)