San Francisco

Rob Steiner 2018-02-19
San Francisco

This isn’t my first time to San Francisco, but this will be my first time typing up a little blog post about it! What an awesome place is all I really gotta say. A very hip place with lots to do and certainly can’t be tackled in one week. Especially when you’re working remotely during most of the trip… Our first trip to San Francisco included the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Lombard Street, and some museums. This second trip we hit up some of the things missed before… LIKE RED WOODS!

We went about three hours south to Calaveras Big Tree State Park. This was where the famous Pioneer Cabin Tree once stood! A very popular destination to see huge freaking trees. I mean absolutely massive in size. Like 2.5 of me in diameter… Seeing trees so massive, so old, really gave me a great feeling.

While road tripping back, we hopped off the highway on some random exit for wine tastings… Little did we know this was a small city made famous by Mark Twain…

They had frog statues everywhere! Was really funny and made the city super adorable. We were treater very well to some wine and brought some back for our remaining days of the trip.

We visited more museums again on our second trip, but took a small detour to find a small chime in San Francisco. Hidden away near the coast after some hiking along the mountain edge, we found a rock labyrinth. Lands’ End Labyrinth! It was an incredible feeling seeing people respect the maze, leave donations at the center, and overall so many smiles.

Now that was mostly jam packed in one weekend, then my work week started. That didn’t leave us much time for hiking or traveling around, but we did do some bar crawling with buddies of mine out in San Francisco. A very hip scene and nice way to take the edge off after work. Just watch out for drink prices… Like everything else, they cost lots of $$$$$.

Lastly, this leaves me with choosing Spirit for my flight out there. Very cheap, great customer service, but holy smokes… Very cramped. Everything is extra small. Everything… But at least I had more stacks for drinks!