Rob Steiner 2018-06-05

What better way to relax on Memorial Day than dancing in a hurricane and chilling on the beaches of Clear Water, Florida?! That’s right, Sunset Music Festival had us traveling down south smack in the middle of hurricane season…

Sunset Music Festival was pretty dope for the first day it existed this year, then pretty crappy the second day when it was cancelled for severe weather… Not going to lie though, it rained most of the first day and did not rain at all during the second day! State of Emergency declared, even though Tampa was pretty much not touched.

Still, for one day it was absolute craziness. Something about being in the rain, no mud, and it’s toasty out. Borgore absolutely killed it, delivering some of the hardest music at the festival. Pit was huge, energy was high.

So, the first day was wild, but the second day was canned. Luckily, the weather was sunny and we went exploring. We had some yummy tacos and ice cream in the neighborhood with our new pals from the AirBnB. We got our tan on at the beaches and walked around the Clear Water area.

Hurricanes taste just as good in Tampa as they do in New Orleans.

Luckily, they relocated all of the headlining acts to clubs around Tampa. Our journey continued from Clear Water to downtown Tampa club scene till about 3AM… Your boy went back to the AirBnB, showered, and left for the airport. Flight at 6AM. Lovely all nighter. Hella Sore.

Will I do it again next year? Probably. Looking forward to next year’s lineup!