Firefly 2018

Rob Steiner 2018-07-01
Firefly 2018

Three consecutive years of the road trip to Dover, Delaware for Firefly! I guess it’s sort of the longest running tradition with my friends… First year of overly priced hotels, second year of camping through the rain, and now this year of camping through scorching heat. A unique experience every year and I can’t wait for next.

Surprisingly this year I did not take many photos, but of those I did take I captured some awe-inspiring moments. The festival always brings the best out of everyone, the best positive energy you could ever ask for. The real reason we all go every year.

This year I didn’t really find most of the music that good. I enjoyed some bands, but in comparison to other years I was certainly there for the people this year. The Killers really brought an amazing performance, I swear all 85,000 people were singing along. Big Gigantic dropped such a heavy set, everybody was dancing their feet off.

Surprisingly, I did not really enjoy any of the rap performances. Something about the backup hype dudes, the inability to sing most the parts of a song, and lack of fun beats. Sounds a bit critical, but for such big names like Eminem and Kendrick Lamar I did have high expectations.

All said and done, I will be there next year regardless of lineup. All I need is my friends, the good energy. Can’t wait for next year.