Rob Steiner

Software Engineer

Hotel Models

A huuuuge model dump is here! Lately your boy has been spending plenty of time in Blender working on models for an upcoming (“upcoming”) game. A sma..

Cleveland Medical Hackathon

Holy smokes… These hackathons are just one after another lately! This particular hackathon was my first time participating and it was freaking awes..

BIG CodeJam 2017

Getting lucky with all these CodeJams in the Cleveland area! Another one just rolled in and this was about Smart Home devices. They had a bunch of d..

Wave Game

Slowly, but certainly here comes another Unreal Engine game! First game of Pinball was great with getting my feet wet, so how about a Wave Game?! Mo..


It’s time to dance on tables, time to sing belligerently, time to drink till sunrise, time to struggle hiking to the top of the world, and time to r..

Big Nerd Ranch

With a new position comes new responsibilities, and if you don’t how to complete these new responsibilities… Well, that’s when you get training! I’v..

Electric Zoo 2017

Hitting the road for New York City!! I’ve been once before, but I don’t remember the trip from 10+ years ago… Extremely pumped for this awesome adve..


Finally, another Unreal blog post getting added! Took some time because of life stuff, but also because this is a fully featured working game! I’m s..